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Why choose Blue Diamond Hair - Yatala?

Done right, a trip to the hair salon should leave your client feeling confident, satisfied and replenished. And why shouldn't it? She's just treated herself to some well-deserved beautification at the hands of someone she trusts. Someone who's 100% invested in making her experience as enjoyable as possible, asks all the right questions and has the perfect skills for the job at hand. Except, of course, that's rarely the case. All over Australia, from mid-priced salon chains to high end hair boutiques, our competitors are promising a luxury experience and delivering a lacklustre one. Because luxury is about more than just fancy massage chairs and free champagne (you know, the kind of luxury that takes little effort but salons like to charge a premium for). For us, luxury starts with really knowing and understanding your client, then using that knowledge to craft a consistent experience that anticipates and meets her every need. It's about removing friction at every opportunity so that she feels confident, at home and at ease. It's about always doing more than is expected (and doing it in a way that feels genuine and heartfelt). Luxury, as they say, is in the details. At BDHC, our goal is for clients to feel welcomed, valued and heard - so we spend less time talking and more time listening. We put extra time and effort into learning what makes them tick, so that we can design a customer journey that ticks every box. Because we understand that customer loyalty doesn't just happen: it's earned (and it can be just as easily lost). That's why it has to be nurtured at every touchpoint, from how we greet our customers to how we handle feedback. So we're calling time on pretentious salons, snooty staff and cliched fashion tropes. We've had enough of serious, unapproachable brands that are all style and no substance. We're creating a new, premium salon experience with the customer at its heart. We're redesigning luxury.

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